Extreme Stress

Because a violent encounter is extremely stressful we take a different approach and mindset when it comes to self defense. Knowing that you could go from a resting heart rate of 60 to a heart rate of 220 in less than a second has major effects on you mentally and physically. Our self defense training in Escondido also known as “SRST Street Combatives” takes into account these effects and provides you with the skill set to perform under stress. We have tailored women’s self defense seminars and self defense classes for kids 14 year old and up. This is an 8 hour street self defense class which ends with scenario based situations. You will be taught how to identify pre assault indicators and how to develop a plan of action.self-defense-escondido

Develop a Plan of Action

It is important to understand your surroundings and be aware of what’s happening. By being aware you are able to develop a plan of action. Whether that plan is to move in the opposite direction away from a threat or what to do if that threat is closing the distance on you. there are many self defense classes that do not address this issue mainly showing the physical attributes of self defense but not the mindset.

Develop Power

When your heart rate goes from 60 to 220 in less than a second you are overtaken by the “Fight or Flight” syndrome. This “syndrome” allows you to do 2 things. Flight or run away from the threat as fast as you can or Fight the threat with everything you have. Fine motor skills such as grabbing small areas like wrist and fingers do not work. It is gross motor skills that are effective at a heart rate of 180 BPM and above. While your learning self defense training in Escondido we focus on building power with gross motor movements and using the type of strikes you would do naturally under extreme stress.

It is important to have a qualified instructor. Our instructor has years of experience teaching and training law enforcement, military and civilian personnel that work in a high risk environment.

Whether it is hand-to-hand combat, weapons, or survival training, we can put together a plan to keep you and your family safe, wherever you are.

Survival Training Courses

1 Day: $350/family

2 Days: $500/family

Other consultations:

  • Home Security Consultation
  • Personal Security Consultation
  • Family Emergency Planning Consultation
  • Evacuation/Shelter in Place

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